An Overview

Preparing your child for an independent school interview is a great idea, given that independent schools tend to look at one's academic and extracurricular/extracurricular records as well as the interview itself. The independent school interview will also give the school an insight into your child's abilities and interests, which is essential when determining which students will be a good fit for the school.

However, as with any independent school interviews, online interviews can be quite different from the traditional interview because of the online constraints and because your child will be taking the interview virtually.

It is helpful to make sure your child is comfortable with these differences before they do their independent school interview.

The independent school interview tends to focus on more of the non-academic side of your child's life. For most private schools, academic excellence is essential, but independent schools tend to be looking for more than just high grades and want to get a better idea of how your child performs in the real world. For example, independent schools tend to ask questions that determine leadership abilities, teamwork skills and things like that. In addition to this, independent school interviews will also emphasise personality, which can be very hard to get a sense of when the independent school interview is online.

Of course, independent school interviews are not entirely non-academic, and independent schools will ask questions about your child's ability with various academic subjects. Keep in mind that independent schools typically look for students who excel in all areas, both academically and personally.

It is essential to understand the difference between online independent school interviews and traditional independent school interviews. By practising independent school interview questions over a few months, your child will develop the confidence they need to present their best selves. Preparation is key to independent school interviews, and independent schools will sometimes use different questions for each student. Since no one can determine which of these many questions your child will be asked, it means that it's not helpful to memorise answers.

It is also important to remember that independent school interviewers are asking these questions to get to know your child better. They want your child to do their best in independent school interviews, and they understand that independent school interview questions can be challenging to answer.

In independent school interviews, independent schools will look for a variety of qualities in their students. Some independent schools emphasise leadership skills, while others look for a solid academic background in addition to extracurricular interests. Independent schools also look for independent school interviewees who are friendly, open-minded and willing to engage in the community. It is important to note that independent schools can change their focus from year to year, whether the interview takes place in person or online.